About Monti

About Monti

Monti is more than just a name. Monti is 100% transport DNA and has been for decades.

The company founder Manfred Baumert was born in Münster in 1942 and lived with his parents and older brother in Klein-Muffi, a district of Münster between the Church of the Sacred Heart and the Dortmund-Ems Canal. At that time, the so-called “Malocher” were almost exclusively resident in this quarter and in the narrow streets with the small houses, people spoke the rough Masematte (a secret language created from a mixture of Red Welsh, Yiddish, and Hebrew).

Even though the people who lived here had their hearts in the right place, things often got pretty wild, and it was not uncommon for the entire earnings of a hard week’s work to be wasted on the weekend at the “paycheck ball”. His father, Fritz Baumert, was already active in the haulage business and was the last roll coachman to deliver from Münster with horse and cart.

So, Manfred’s enthusiasm for large vehicles was practically lain in his cradle and after school he completed an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic at the Beresa company. Here the boy, who lived by the canal, was often teased about his origins, saying that he came from Monte Grande, and this was indeed the birth of the nickname “Monti”. This became so succinct that he wore it with pride all his life. Later, many companions knew him by it exclusively. And when he finally continued his father’s tradition by founding his own haulage company, this logically also became the company name.

Today, the sons Ralph and Marc carry on the tradition and all lorries since then bear the “Monti” lettering, even though they now travel far beyond the borders of Klein-Muffi.